2023 Winners


Apprentice of the Year Award, sponsored by OPITO
This award recognises the apprentices making their mark in the UK energy industry; those who have delivered tangible benefits to their employer – and are recognised as future leaders.

Nicholas Taylor, Harbour Energy

Early Career Professional of the Year Award

This award recognises an Early Career Professional making their mark in the UK energy industry; those who have delivered tangible benefits to their employer and are recognised as future leaders

Sarah Bolson, CNR International UK Ltd


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award, sponsored by Spirit Energy
This award recognises an individual, team, group, network or company initiating and leading action(s) to remove barriers, improve the working experience and engagement levels of employees and puts people and culture at its centre. Creating an environment where all individuals feel a sense of belonging, can be their authentic selves, have an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents to thrive. The award will also recognise people and programmes which create an empowered and motivated workforce and positive and progressive culture.

Harbour Energy

Outstanding Contribution to Energy Security Award, sponsored by Wood
This award recognises a company that has made a significant impact in ensuring the UK’s security of energy supply, through the whole oil and gas lifecycle (exploration, production and decommissioning) or the provision of renewable energy sources. To be eligible for consideration, nominees should demonstrate exceptional leadership, innovation, and measurable outcomes in addressing challenges related to energy supply, diversification, efficiency, and sustainability.

Kellas Midstream

Outstanding Contribution to Energy Decarbonisation Award​, sponsored by North Sea Transition Authority 
Cutting the carbon emissions from the production of energy is vital to meeting the UK’s climate goals and supporting energy security. This award recognises the contribution a company has either already made to reduce such emissions or the potential solutions it offers to make fresh progress in the years to come.



Innovative Supply Chain Company of the Year Award, sponsored by Harbour Energy
SME and Large Enterprise – This award is for a supply chain company (both Large Enterprise and SME) that has demonstrated exceptional innovation.  The winning company will showcase how they have effectively leveraged technology, processes, and partnerships to optimise their supply chain activities and achieve remarkable results, whilst adhering to Supply Chain principles with good ESG reporting.

Large Enterprise
Peterson Energy Logistics


Neighbour of the Year Award, sponsored by Hydrasun
The entry requirements for the Neighbour of the Year Award in the offshore energy industry aim to recognise companies that have exemplified exceptional corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

Global E&C

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